Sebastian Perin

SEBASTIAN PERIN serves as Managing Director, Asset Management where he focuses primarily on business plan execution, value-add programs, and the ultimate monetization and disposition of assets. Sebastian previously served as Senior Asset Manager leading the San Francisco office for GE Capital Real Estate where he worked through 200+ deals with a total exposure of $5.1B covering REO’s, wholly owned equity, joint-ventures, conditional recapitalizations, bankruptcies, foreclosures, discounted payoffs, and performing senior/mezzanine/subordinated debt. Most recently, Sebastian served as Senior Asset Manager for the New York office of the Morgan Stanley Fixed Income division where he acted as Managing Agent for highly structured mortgage debt. With over 18 years in commercial real estate, Sebastian has broad experience in all major collateral types and all conventional commercial real estate investment structures. Sebastian received a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Michigan's Oakland University and is a graduate of the General Electric Corporate Audit Staff Group.




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