Driven by the entrepreneurial spirit that has guided it since its founding, Fifteen Group prides itself on testing the limits of its ideas and currently focuses on the following areas:


Fifteen Group’s principals are strong believers in efficient markets and rely on an evolving acquisition strategy that seeks to identify macro and micro level inefficiencies that have yet to correct.

After initially acquiring nearly 20,000 units while specializing in undervalued and value-added multifamily real estate investments nationwide, Fifteen Group has broadened its scope to include the acquisition of all types of income producing real estate and land in select major US markets, as well as situational, value-added opportunities nationwide. Fifteen Group often repositions its investments through extensive capital improvements and realizes operating efficiencies through tactile asset management.


Fifteen Group has drawn on its extensive experience in bettering neighborhoods through strategic property acquisitions and major rehabilitation to make a natural progression into Development. In 2004, subsidiary Fifteen Group Land & Development LLC (FGLD) began pursuing development opportunities both within Fifteen Group’s existing portfolio and by aggressively scouting additional projects for development.

Fifteen Group believes that development is not just about buildings, but rather about creating and enhancing neighborhoods. Fifteen Group seeks to create mixed-use, transit-oriented, and environmentally sustainable projects and neighborhoods that improve the quality of life for residents, employees, and visitors alike.


In addition to direct investment in real estate, Fifteen Group also pursues the origination of real estate loans, acquisition of distressed real estate debt, as well as investment (either actively or passively) in other real estate operating companies.

Fifteen Group also pursues opportunistic alternative investments including the acquisition of non real estate operating companies.

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